PARTICIPATION CARTOGRAPHY: Performance, Space, and Subjectivity

This is my PhD thesis. I discuss practices that are performance-based and in which participants are invited to engage in everyday spatial actions which are then documented. The documents enabled participants to reflect about their participation process. In so doing, they are enabled to 'position the self' in relation to a given performed space.

Looking backwards to walk forward Walking, collective memory and the site of the intercultural in site-specific performance

This page discusses my practice-based project Making memory While Walking (2009) in which I use an abandoned eighteenth-century path (a heritage site) in performative terms.

Participation Cartography: blurring the boundaries of space, autobiography and memory by means of performance

In this article, I focus on the empowering potential of a participatory practice that frames walking as integral to a performative, self-mapping, and aesthetic process.

Preguntas para avanzar un lenguaje crítico de proyectos escenicos de memoria e historia oral en el contexto del posconflicto

This paper advances key questions for a critical approach to oral history performance projects in a post conflict context. It focuses on four cases from Colombia.

PARTICIPATION CARTOGRAPHY: Performance, Space, and Subjectivity

In this paper, I focus on disclosures by one participant as enabled by a kind of artistic practice that I term “participation cartography.” By using “participation cartography” as a framework for the analysis of Running Stitch (2006), a piece by Jen Southern (U.K.) and Jen Hamilton (Canada), I demonstrate that disclosures by participants in this practice are to be seen as a form of self-mapping that positions the self in relation to a given performance space.